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About Us

The Vanilla Report

Since 2005

Demeter has been conducting in the SAVA region in the North East of Madagascar (80% of vanilla produced in the World) quarterly field surveys of the situation of vanilla production and marketing seen at the level of farmers and village collectors.

Based on a sample that is at each time checked as its representativity of the whole population of farmers, it analyses pollination, production of green vanilla, pricing at green vanilla markets, curing at village level, marketing through collectors to exporters,

Based on the observation of farmgate prices, it gives ahead of time the cost price of exports that will take place after curing, drying, sorting and all other phases of preparation of an exportable vanilla are implemented.

This allows to forecast what a viable export price might be in the coming months.

By tracking cyclones as they present themselves off the coasts of Madagascar and other producing countries (India for instance) , Demeter has been able to evaluate the risk of loss of production due to these cyclones but also to send warnings to farmers through the use of Radio Vanille which is permanently listened to by the 80 000 vanilla farmers in the SAVA region.

These warnings are voiced often 48 hours before the cyclone hits the field, enough for the farmers to find shelter

Our field surveys also keep track of the eventual presence of disease affecting the vines and the beans as fusarium that has recently reappeared, with the increase of new farmers attracted by recent vanilla prices and unaware of some of the basic protection practices that are well spread in villages.

With global warming affecting Madagascar North and South, we have assessed the risks on vanilla production and to the economy of the whole region. Remedies exist that we will present in our reports.

The Vanilla Reports

The Vanilla Reports We edit four times a year a “Vanilla Report”, following the key dates between pollination and marketing dry beans in the main producing country, Madagascar: January: end of pollination, new crop estimate, climate issues March: import/export of vanilla beans and other products, country per country + new crop estimate, prices, July: green beans markets in Madagascar and new crops in other countries: quality, quantities, prices, October: marketing dry beans, prices, volumes, import trends A library of former reports is also presented for our subscribers These reports are partly based on the field surveys we have been conducting in several vanilla producing countries since 2006, and are conducted four times a year among farmers identifying: pollination, production, beans fall, plantings, prices received, intercrop activity, carry over etc...


We open for our subscribers a space where they can search, discuss, find opportunities, contacts, etc.. including: Q&A: Questions relating to our information but also concerning production, markets, etc. are answered to the best of our knowledge and after eventual investigation, Contact Corner: looking for buyers, suppliers, transport, etc. Lists and direct contacts are provided to our best capacity, Business opportunities and jobs: notifications are passed to our readers on subscription basis, Events: Symposiums, Trade Fairs, Webinars, Professional trips and venues are presented on the website as they are announced whether organized by ourselves or third parties

Shorts and flashes

Depending on the urgency presented by specific news, we are developing a system of breaking news, pop ups and mails to our subscribers that will keep them informed in real time of such news as new regulations, weather events, freight modifications, commercial events, etc...

Demeter Vanilla Price Index

We publish on a real time basis a price index composed of a set of prices as they are assessed in various producing countries and include: farmgate prices and the consecutive potential export prices, minimum prices if imposed by governments, actual export prices, consumer market prices.

Special Reports

Either on our initiative, or in cooperation with other parties, we edit several times a year special reports on such topics as prices and competition, the implementation of regulations (export authorities, CITES, IMF, FDA, etc..), climate change and environmental issues, sustainability and other CSR activities, agronomic and technological evolutions, consumption trends, etc.. An annual report is proposed every first trimester

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