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Demeter Vanilla Price Index

Evidenced in the early Ambanja sales of green beans, the minimum farmgate price imposed by government is not really implemenetd. if it was, it would bring the FOB price at USD 200 as appears in the following tables:

Demeter Vanilla Field Survey

Main Results: According to this Field survey, the present crop (2021/2022) may reach 1650 tons or slightly more. It has been affected by climate change and a consecutive drought, with insects attacking the flowers and fusarium still active on the beans and vines...

Climate and Agronomy

Climate warming is affecting the SAVA region which produces most of Madagascar’s vanilla: Cyclones are stronger than ever but appear to be hitting this year the middle of the island. The Vanilla Report will investigate further that evolution and determine whether it is durable or not...

Documents, Regulations,..

Madagascar The Ministry of Commerce (Ministère de l’Industrialisation, du Commerce et de la Consomma-tion) is in charge in Madagascar of giving vanilla export licenses to a list of applicants whether from “Industry” or “Artisanat”. A new list was approved on September 21, 2021...

Q&A, Soon to come

As this research has been conducted since 2003 and as we have in stock a lot of unpublished material, we shall be happy to present our subscribers with answers to their queries, in the limit of our knowledge...