The Vanilla Report

Demeter has been carrying out field surveys with vanilla farmers in Madagascar and other vanilla producing countries for close to twenty years and at a rhythm of four times a year.

Based on a typology analysis of vanilla farmers, analyzing differences linked with geography, climate, sociology, etc.. it covers six clusters in the main areas of production in Madagascar and particularly the SAVA *
*Cap Est, Axis Ankavanana, Axis Maroanstretra, Axis Sambava, Axis Ampanefene, Axis Andapa, Andapa Basin.

Demeter’s interviewers go into villages and carry the necessary individual interviews and group reunions to form an opinion on the same matters presented hereunder.

Experience and control surveys have confirmed the validity and reliability of the method used and evidenced the variations from one farmer to another and from one village to another so that at present, so these field surveys dispose of a valid sample and results may be extrapolated to the entire vanilla farming population.

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