The Vanilla Report

Main Results
(harvest 21/22 refers to vanilla flowers pollinated in fall 2021 and pods harvested in 2022)
1. Our field survey indicated that the 2021/2022 harvest of vanilla in Madagascar could be well below 2,000 tons but for once this report prefers to correct these results and opt for a harvest at around 1,800 tons,
2. The internal marketing of this harvest showed a significant difference between the official price of 75,000 Ariary per kilo to be paid at the edge of the farm and the real price paid by the collectors (between 35,000 Ar and 50,000 Ar),
3. A similar discrepancy occurs between the price of dried vanilla recommended/imposed by the Malagasy authorities (Ar 500,000) and the actual price offered by the collectors,
4. The consequence is that in terms of income, farmers can cover their cost of living at official prices but not at actual prices,
5. As for the new crop (2022/2023), and due to climate change, pollination has barely started in early November. A large number of inflorescences present for later pollination could still allow an average harvest to occur...

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