The Vanilla Report

The Vanilla Report

Demeter Vanilla Field Survey
Main Results: • The 2021/2022 vanilla crop in Madagascar was limited by a certain number of factors, including: - A strong decrease of flowering starting end of October caused apparently by a lack of rain compared with the previous year, and presumably also a natural alternance of high and low flowering years....

The Vanilla Reports
Professional buyers and processors of vanilla together with consumers have been accustomed to see the price of their favorite spice be the object of impressive movements with ups above USD 500 a kilo and downs close to USD 20 per kilo. Whilst demand for vanilla flavor is growing in a ...

Demeter Price Index
Prices are going up as demand has been active and the November drought has limited pollination. The differential between the actual FOB cost price and the authorized minimum export price is very important...

Climate and Agronomy

Cyclone Warning 02/13/2022

We are happy to announce the opening of our new Web Site: “The Vanilla Report’. It will try and inform you in real time of prices, stats, trends, regulations, and events concerning vanilla worldwide. To gather your remarks and recommendations, we shall keep it accessible free of charge until February, 2022 and then, if you are interested, collect a monthly fee of USD 50 monthly together with a “per issue” and “per article” access.

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